Feb 1, 2011

Leo Laporte shows off Blackberry Playbook and Nintendo 3DS live on Regis and Kelly

Leo Laporte from the popular technology show TWiT made an appearance on Regis and Kelly today to show off some electronics from CES this year. Leo first showed off a full working version of the Blackberry Playbook from RIM. He also showed off the unreleased Nintendo 3DS as well as a new car from GM called the EN-V.
It looked like Regis and Kelly were quite impressed with all of the gadgets from CES even though they may have not known how most of them work.  On a side note we actually got to meet Leo at the TWiT booth at CES.
Leo Laporte and Matt Jurek from TekGoblin.com
Check out the video below of Leo on the show. Read full review here

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