Jan 23, 2011

iPad Note-Pad by TechRestore

Order an iPad Note-Pad for $9.99 or print a page for free at http://techrestore.com/pad

This functional, iPad notepad features the popular Notes application that iPhone users have come to know and love. Unlike the real iPad, ours is compatible with all conventional, wireless writing utensils (eg. pens, pencils, markers), weighs only a fraction of Apple's iPad, and folds to fit in your pocket! * Always has a wireless signal (see indicator bars) * No monthly data service contract required * 50x less expensive than an Apple iPad * Never needs recharging * 100% Recyclable

Seriously though, this is a high quality, 40-page, 8.5"x11" (US letter sized) notepad, with standard ruled lines, so you can comfortably write on it. The iPad™ rendering is actual size.

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